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Gastronomic tour around Sevilla-La Azotea

We started last month this gastronomic tour around Sevilla because we would like to share with you local tips that could drive you to a experience with food that does not belong to the touristic command. We would like to offer you what we offer to our friends, local tips that can allow you to move as a fish in Sevilla. Sevilla is the city that better represents and defend the spirit of the "tapa", maybe because of that is called the city of the thousands bars. And perhaps is true that is the tapa the dish that better represents the local culinary culture. But we need more than tapas to survive, and there is so much more than the classic ensaladilla rusa, the varieties of montaitos and the croquetas, so here we go.

Once you come to Sevilla you want to explore from the music on the street to the architecture, you should not forget to carefully seek where to delight your palate. So today we will drive you to La Azotea, a well-known restaurant wchich secret is to treat the tapa as it would be a regular main course in a restaurant. The name of the restaurant La Azotea which in spanish means the rooftop, made an allusion to the grande cuisine regarding the quality of the ingredients and the service. In the last five years they have grown a lot without losing their identity and now they have 5 differents locations.

What to have is here not a easy election but we finally choose;

-Clams with fried mini artichockeIngredients: avoe/clams from Huelva/garlic/manzanilla,tio pepe,fino/spring onion/heart from the artichoke
How is cook? Fried the garlic with avoe and add the clams to the pan with a bit of with water, when the clams are getting open add a bit of manzanilla and the spring onion and leave the sauce to be cook.
Fried the mini artichockes and when they are golden dried them before putting on top of the clams. Before serving cut a bit of spring onion and add it on the top.

coquinas-Rice paper triangles stuffed with creamy cheese, prawns and leeks
Ingredients: philadelphia type of cheese/leek/prawns/pasta brick/salt
How to cook? Stir fry the leek and prawns on the pan, the put then on a side. Make a cold dough with the cheese, cut the brick pasta on squares. Make a tomato and cream sauce and let it emulsify for 45 seconds till it turns orange. Finally fried the bags and serve with the sauce and crocanti.


-Iberian pork cheek in a red wine sauce topped with a goat cheese gratin
Ingredients: Iberian pork cheek/garlic/onions/green paprika/red wine/water/rosemary/carrots/tomato/bay and thyme
How to cook? Crush the meat and take it away from the pot. In the same juice that the meat has leak add garlic, onion, paprika carrots and tomato. Once the fried sauce is done you can add the crusehd meat y add water till you cover all the mear. You add the spices and let it slow cook for 3 hours.



What we will tell you next is what we chose for dessert, otherwise is too much for only one post.

La Azotea

Calle Jesús del Gran Poder, 31, 41002 Sevilla, Spain

Telf: 955 11 67 48





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